5 Corporate Interior Design Trends That Will Increase Your Office Value Post-Covid

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What corporate interior design trends are sure to increase your office value post-covid? How can you take advantage of modern office interior design to enhance your workplace atmosphere? This post gives you 5 of our best corporate interior design tips to transform the well-being of your employees and boost their turnover.

COVID-19 has unquestionably altered the office space for the foreseeable future and has prompted managers and interior designers to be more intentional about creating the ideal workplace. Office Space designs were previously not given much attention. It has, however, been proven by extensive research that the productivity of you and your team can be affected deeply by the design of your workplace. As such, each year, interior designers find new solutions to make work more comfortable. 

Current office design trends, due to Covid 19, are centered on ensuring a safe and comfortable working environment. Companies have to focus on creating spaces that are homely, flexible, and encourage collaboration.

At Nolle, we create intuitive, simple, and beautiful spaces that embody the personality of your brand. We are more committed than ever at this crucial moment, to create relaxing Covid-secure spaces; assured to ease employees’ minds and offer utmost relaxation for productivity in the office. We invite you to explore trending interior design concepts that will create value and boost productivity during these difficult times. 

1. Light Colours

Colours not only help companies stay on brand and give vast creative spaces to incorporate their logos and brand names, but they also add energy to the workspace. 

Light colours with a mixture of other neutral colours like grey give employees a sense of cheerfulness and positivity. Clean colours like white/off-white as well as different pops of colours are a great way to separate space and improve navigation. Coloured floors also help to distinguish sections in the workplace as well as enhancing creativity and navigation.

2. Natural Lighting

One of the biggest work office trends of 2021 is incorporating natural light into the workspace. The best lighting is crucial for employee productivity and as one of the safety measures in this covid season. The lighting of office space should, however, be based on the function of the space. 

Studies have shown that employees who are exposed to sunlight throughout the workday, reported better quality sleep compared to those who had no exposure to sunlight.  A well-rested workforce can create a lot of value for an organization, as your employees will be more alert and productive throughout the workday. 

Natural light makes spaces look wider and refreshing and helps to reduce the cost of artificial lighting which is a bonus for conserving energy. This has a positive impact on environmentally-conscious workers who appreciate that their employers are taking steps to protect the environment.

By creating spaces with large windows to allow plenty of sunlight and views of the outside, you’ll provide your employees with a calm, welcoming environment that will make them cheerful, healthier, and more productive.

3. Sustainable and Green Themes in offices

The addition of greenery and sustainability concepts in the workplace not only makes the atmosphere more relaxed but also reduces stress levels due to improved air quality and oxygen flow. Elements such as green walls which incorporate real gardens and plant displays on the walls create beautiful scenery in the office. Having 0ne or two potted plants in the office adds a touch of nature and that brings the outdoors in; making small spaces feel bigger and bring a sense of comfort. 

For young employees especially, social and environmental responsibility is important. Apart from saving the planet, employing innovative office designs will in the long term, reduce your costs, and signal to your employees and clients that you’re a forward-thinking organization. Thus, it’s important to purchase furniture and other workplace interior elements from companies that are environmentally conscious and committed to environmental sustainability.

4. Art work

Acrylic paintings and art pieces have increasingly become essential parts of the modern workplace. Studies have shown that art has great benefits for you and your employees as spending even 20 seconds looking at an art piece improves your mood and helps you increase productivity by 17% according to the University of Exeter. 

As workers are returning to the post Covid 19 workplace, organizations should focus on creating work environments that help relieve the stress of daily work life. Art Pieces, like nature, can put the viewer in a different mental state, which could help revitalize and refocus their brain. To choose the right pieces for your office or workplace, you need to consider content, texture, scale, and positioning. Positive mood-inducing images include works of nature as well as representational or abstract art. It’s important to note that artworks that are too simple or too complex may elicit a negative response.  

5. Feeling of ‘Home’ at the Workplace

During this Covid era especially, employees’ comfort and sense of feeling at home while at work leads to a sense of belonging in the workspace. This is of utmost importance during this era. The idea of office design has changed to provide a more safe, comfortable, and relaxing work environment.

To make these possible, residential elements such as soft lighting features, comfortable sofas, and chairs, as well as green options and wood flooring, bring a homelike atmosphere into the workspace.

If you have any questions concerning workplace interior design or how we are available to help you with your workplace design, please contact us. 

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