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Hello, and welcome to the first ever Nolle Digest, our quarterly collective of all news Nolle.

Nolle is a modern design and refurbishment firm achieving global feats from Accra, Ghana.

I am happy to connect with you and to share Nolle’s journey as we look to create a legacy of quality, world-class projects and inevitably give Ghana another spot on the already impressive map.

In a year where staying and working at home became the very mandate of our lives, Nolle’s role as a creator and architect of spaces both functional and aesthetically refined, cannot be understated. In this new year, we hope to transform and redefine what the design and refurbishment space is, even more, and I would like to personally invite you to come along on this journey with us.

Thank you for being a part of our community.

With love from the team,

Nana Oye

Managing Consultant.


Nolle is an interior design outfit that specializes in applying the art and science of interior design to mainly commercial properties. Nolle operates from Accra, Ghana and serves a colorful portfolio of clients from all around the globe. Over the years, we have lent our expertise in design and refurbishment to projects simple, elaborate and everything in-between.

2020 Round-Up

2020 was the year of the shut-down. But even in a year where the world seemed to stop, we kept going and our drive and grit was rewarded in mutual partnerships and iconic projects.

  • Partnerships.

We paired up with 3D Visual, an interior design firm in South Africa, to share resources and ideas to help move work along.

We also partnered with some of the topmost furniture brands around the world to ensure the best quality pieces for our projects. These included:

Global Furniture, Canada : specialized in furniture for Workplace, Healthcare and Education

Softline, Denmark : Makers of office furniture

Blackwood, South Africa: Makers of office furniture

  • Projects.

Our portfolio grew with prime projects including:

  1. PWC project (Joinery/Fit-out, Office Blinds, Directional Signages, Frosting, etc.)
  2. Commencement of VW Showroom; still under construction
  • Other News

In 2020, Nolle moved from being a business enterprise to an LLC.

We refreshed the brand, evolving to be known as “Nolle”.

2021: New Year, New Goals

We start off this year with much excitement and the zest to do more and ultimately serve you better.

This year, we have built up our capacity to take on large scale projects, and obtained accreditation from the Ministry of Works and Housing.

  • Projects

We have recently commenced work on the refurbishment of Guinness Ghana Limited.

  • Initiatives

The Art of Design: A Nolle Masterclass

In our bid to expand and do more for our business and the industry as a whole, we have partnered with some International universities and colleges to offer The Art of Design: A Nolle Masterclass.

This will be a set of courses crafted from the curriculums of our partner-institutions, sectioned into 3 levels- Basic, Intermediary and Advanced. 

The Basic Level will be for starters, with qualifications as low as high-school levers, Intermediary Level for those who want to brush up on their knowledge and learn more, and the Advanced Level.

Participants will also enjoy an opportunity to intern with Nolle.

For more information on this Masterclass and other Nolle initiatives, go to

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